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Dumb Nerds is a podcast hosted by comedian, Cassi Jerkins. Each week Cassi has a different funny guest on to talk about a smart topic they’re both too dumb for. The guest has the honor of picking a topic she or he is passionate about but is clearly no expert in. Topics range from Greek Mythology, Body Farms, How to Buy a House and so much more! Come learn with Cassi and friends! Or at the very least, laugh at how dumb these nerds are!


Actor/Comedian Grant O’Connell (“Attack of the Killer Donuts”, Garbáge) is on to talk about chess! Chess has been around since 6th Century in India and today there are tournaments around the world and the current greatest chess player in the world, Magnus Carlsen, has a Twitter with 152K followers. There is controversy whether Magnus is the best player. Many argue Viswanathan Anand is the best and he currently has 371K followers! People love chess! Grant and Cassi bond over how they were both in Chess Club back in grade school. (Cassi is way more nerdy about it than Grant.) They talk about the history of chess, how’s it’s evolved, Alan Turing and the Turing Test, Bobby Fischer and his controversy with the US about participating in a chess tournament in the Soviet Union. Cassi’s cats, Meemo and Selma, make a few cameos; and Grant talks about how he hates magic, in chess he uses his self-taught “Might Ducky’s method” and he grossly refers to pawns as nipples. Grant also thinks the fast food chain Wendy’s is way more popular than chess today. Cassi couldn’t disagree more and proves him wrong with facts about how much money the average chess master makes today and how the greatest chess players in the world have more Twitter followers than they ever will.

13. Grant O’Connell & Chess

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