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About The Show

Dumb Nerds is a podcast hosted by comedian, Cassi Jerkins. Each week Cassi has a different funny guest on to talk about a smart topic they’re both too dumb for. The guest has the honor of picking a topic she or he is passionate about but is clearly no expert in. Topics range from Greek Mythology, Body Farms, How to Buy a House and so much more! Come learn with Cassi and friends! Or at the very least, laugh at how dumb these nerds are!


This is the first episode of Dumb Nerds! Host, Cassi Jerkins, invites a comedian onto the show to talk about a smart topic they wish they knew more about! Today, her guest is Gerald Grissette (Arcady Currency, CBS Diversity Showcase) and they talk about how to buy a house. Both Gerald and Cassi are too poor to buy a house and wouldn’t know what to do if they had the money to buy a house. They go through each step one would have to take in order to buy a house. Appraisals, Open Houses, Escrow- the whole shebang! They also talk about their dream homes and their dream of just marrying someone who has already inherited a house so they can avoid the headache of buying a house.

1. Gerald Grissette & How to Buy a House

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