7: “Bobby Bonilla’s a Great Name” w/ Mary Sasson & Alex Berg


Blue Jays centerfielder Kevin Pillar’s incredible catch reminds Greg and Wayland of their favorite baseball fets (including Chris Sale’s slider and Bo Jackson’s everything), plus the guys do some REALLY great transitions. Then comedian Mary Sasson (Upright Citizens Brigade) talks about being a fan of the Pirates during the Barry Bonds years, and picking back up again in the era of Andrew McCutchen. Finally, grumpy old man Victor Pebblesmythe (Alex Berg, Earwolf) complains about the kids in the baseball field next door and bemoans the fall of the “hoop and stick industry.” Plus Derek Jeter, Chris Coghlan, Mark Buehrle, Francisco Cervelli, Javier Baez, Vladimir Guerrero, Bobby Bonilla, Manny Machado and lots more.


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