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Hosts Wayland McQueen and Greg Nix dive into the long history, weird quirks, crazy stats, and best stories of America’s pastime… BASEBALL. Every week they’re joined by a special guest to break down just what makes baseball such a fun and fascinating hobby for millions — and what makes it dull for everyone else. Featuring comedians, sportswriters, characters from baseball history, and tons of other special guests, Ducksnort is either the world’s funniest baseball talk or the world’s baseballiest comedy talk. Give it a listen either way!

MLB.com’s Joe Posnanski gives us his big takeaways from the playoffs so far, including changing bullpen usage and sky-high strikeout numbers, plus tells us who he thinks is the funnest player in baseball. Then Frank Thomas (Carl Tart, Fox’s Ghosted) explains how he analyzes baseball without actually watching it and plugs Nugenix, his home-brewed vitamin supplement. Finally, Greg and Wayland talk about the Indians’ disappointing end and Justin Verlander’s dominant Game 2 performance. Plus thoughts on Francisco Lindor, Javier Baez, Will Clark, Craig Grebeck, Joe Morgan, Pete Rose, Adrian Beltre, Bartolo Colon, Chris Sale, Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, Corey Seager, Joe Maddon, Dallas Keuchel, Jose Altuve, Kirk Gibson, and more!

29: “The Kirk Gibson Curse” w/ Joe Posnanski & Carl Tart