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Hosts Wayland McQueen and Greg Nix dive into the long history, weird quirks, crazy stats, and best stories of America’s pastime… BASEBALL. Every week they’re joined by a special guest to break down just what makes baseball such a fun and fascinating hobby for millions — and what makes it dull for everyone else. Featuring comedians, sportswriters, characters from baseball history, and tons of other special guests, Ducksnort is either the world’s funniest baseball talk or the world’s baseballiest comedy talk. Give it a listen either way!

Wayland, Greg, and Joe pick second favorite teams for the 2017 season, and Wayland proposes a rule change. Comedian Emily Schmidt (Netflix’s Girlboss) talks about being a Minnesota Twins fan with typical midwestern politeness, including crushing on Brad Radke and missing Justin Morneau, even as Greg vents about how much he hates the Twins. Then Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson (Carl Tart, MadTV) tries to tell stories of his historic career, but mostly talks about Green Day.

2: Emily Schmidt, Carl Tart