77. Sun Kil Moon: Mike Cullen is Sometimes a Tom Waits Guy


One of our Convince Me favorites Mike Cullen (@mcpops) is back, and he brought his best Canadian guy Tyler Twiss as a guest! This week, Mike’s talking about rock musician Sun Kil Moon. That’s right, it’s Part II of our special series, “Rocktober but Actually Novemby (and a Little Bit of Decemby)”.  Mike attempts to get us to embrace the melancholy by sharing a few highlights from Kil Moon’s discography. We also address some of Kil Moon’s “bad boy” behavior. Will it cause the boys to give him a Convince Me No? Listen and find out. Warning: we pre-recorded the commercials today so they’re a little long-winded!

Check out Mike’s new video about guys going to the Zoo, on this channel (it’ll be up soon!) https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulHennessyShow/featured

OR, Check out Tyler’s  series “Preface to Being Jaded” http://www.funnyordie.com/ptbjseries/webseries

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