68. Minions: Jarred McAdam Will Do Any Math Problem


They say banana, they’re yellow, and they like butts, no we’re not talking about the Convince Boyz, we’re talking about Minions! Jarred McAdam blesses us with his presence to explain the on planet earth there is no on within 100 miles that doesn’t know about minions. We take a deep dive into Minions marketing, origins, and debate what it means to be evil. Are minions making evil too fun?? Geoff pumps himself up about his past tweets, we talk costume ideas, and hate on the Smurfs. We also reveal a way to test if you are dealing with an AI! We close things out by letting the world know in everyone’s favorite angry segment “What’s Cheesing You Off?”. Will the Convince Me Boyz be banana’d? Tune in to find out!


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