61 Sperm Whales: Alex Berg Impersonates Dan Lippert


Comedian and Convince Me Resident Scholar Alex Berg returns to educate us on the wonders of sperm whales. He covers a lot about sperm whales from diet (gross), to cultural references, to colonial whaling practices, to whether Noah got eaten by one. It’s a fun and educational episode! As a bonus we also learn about quantum entanglement, teleportation, and RNA editing in cephalopods. This might be the smartest sounding description I have ever written for this podcast. Finally, we play a legendary round of “First Impressions” and hear Berg’s take on fellow comedian Dan Lippert.

Check out Alex Berg at the UCB LA Theatre every week with the teams Convoy and Sentimental Lady. If you’re curious to hear more of his melding of comedy and science, check out his brand new stage show “Science Time with Alex Berg.”


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