58 Family Guy: Thayer Frechette Goes Inside The Television


That’s right it’s a no guest bro fest low clip flip dip 2017! Who needs a guest when you got a funny guy like Thayer talking about Family Guy? This show probably did, but it was just us. To some, Family Guy is just a joke-machine, so we have a real-life writer from Family Guy stop by to talk about their process, but wouldn’t you know it, they’re just a computer! A machine who writes jokes! We learn we’re living in a post-Nickleback, post-Grimmace world when it comes to comedy so what actually is funny these days? We take a deep dive into what Geoff sees as good comedy, apparently it is not jokes, but just any situation with clown car. Lastly we close things out with a blap blap blap remix of everyone’s favorite segment title match. Do the boyz get to the root of all comedy and end up liking Family Guy? You’ll have to tune in and find out!

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