54 This American Life: Ira Glass Needed A Week Off


Ira Glass hosts one of the best podcasts in the world, This American Life. But even the greatest hosts need a week off every once in a while. Ira asked the hosts of Convince Me to take over hosting duties for a week so he could get some rest. So here they present their This American Life episode, simulcast on the Convince Me and This American Life feeds, as well as NPR radio stations nationwide.


The theme is “Now and Then,” in which we bring you stories of time passing, changing, and staying the same. In Act One, the story of two taco innovations separated by decades but still clogged with the same issues. Act Two is the tale of a man and his Los Feliz apartment, and some possibly unwelcome visitors. In Act Three we will meet a hare-raising magician’s assistant who can no longer be of assistance.


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