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A wide-eyed optimist tries to convince a couple of skeptics to get on board with their distinctive, sometimes downright unusual obsession. But really, it’s just an excuse for silliness, games, and surprise guests. Hosted by Ben Cassil, Thayer Frechette, and Geoff Kaufman.

Ladies, this week’s episode is Thayer-free! Judith Schomp joins us this week to talk about Elizabethan England. She explains how political and cultural strides being made at the time make it the “coolest period in history.” Along the way, Geoff looks back at his middle school production of Stomp, we meet Frederick Shakespeare, brother of the famous playwright and marketing consultant for CBS’  “The Bull”, and Thayer gets dinner with his mom somewhere else!

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45 Elizabethan England: Judith Schomp Loves Big Frilly Collars
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