39 Pinterest: Frankie Wagner Has To Wait For Shrimp Time


Should I get this shag rug? How about this fedora? What about this rusted nail from the 1800s? You don’t have to decide now, you can Pin it for it later! Frankie Wagner joins the convince me boyz to help curate their sad little lives with Pinterest. During our deep dive we learn Geoff needs a better way to get food and clothes, Thayer is too good for Kohl’s, and Ben goes to the bathroom right as an expert arrives to discuss their marriage. We debut new segments “chip or dent?”, “starch talk”, and make some regrettable comedic choices. Lastly we put Frankie’s categorization skills to the test when we throw out an assortment of images for her to pin. Chaka Khan liked Frankie’s Pinterest board, will she like this podcast? You and her will have to tune in to find out.

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