35 2016 Commercials Only: Part One


In case you haven’t been following the news, Thayer’s brave, honest takedown of President-Elect Trump on his recent late night Youtube talk show, “Weird Times Vol. 4” got him exiled to Cuba. With Thayer as a (hopefully temporary) ex-pat, we soldiered on with a clip show! But this is not just any clip show, this one is full of those magical morsels we call “commercials.” And as a bonus for faithfully reading this description, here is a custom commercial, written just for you!

Are you tired of watching advertisements that feature boring products like deodorant, cars, and bug lawyers? I know right?! It’s like, when’s there gonna be an ad for grooming the hair on the discarded outer layer of a gastropod possessed by a woman? Right now, that’s when! With comb-her-shells. Comb-her-shells is a specially designed grooming product for scraping across the surface of sea souvenirs collected by a woman. Comb-Her-Shells, we make the most engaging commercials! (Sorry)


Convince Me is Geoff Kaufman @geoffklive, Thayer Frechette @thayerfrechette, and Ben Cassil @bencassil.


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