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A wide-eyed optimist tries to convince a couple of skeptics to get on board with their distinctive, sometimes downright unusual obsession. But really, it’s just an excuse for silliness, games, and surprise guests. Hosted by Ben Cassil, Thayer Frechette, and Geoff Kaufman.

In case you haven’t been following the news, Thayer’s brave, honest takedown of President-Elect Trump on his recent late night Youtube talk show, “Weird Times Vol. 4” got him exiled to Cuba. With Thayer as a (hopefully temporary) ex-pat, we soldiered on with a clip show! But this is not just any clip show, this one is full of those magical morsels we call “commercials.” And as a bonus for faithfully reading this description, here is a custom commercial, written just for you!

Are you tired of watching advertisements that feature boring products like deodorant, cars, and bug lawyers? I know right?! It’s like, when’s there gonna be an ad for grooming the hair on the discarded outer layer of a gastropod possessed by a woman? Right now, that’s when! With comb-her-shells. Comb-her-shells is a specially designed grooming product for scraping across the surface of sea souvenirs collected by a woman. Comb-Her-Shells, we make the most engaging commercials! (Sorry)


Convince Me is Geoff Kaufman @geoffklive, Thayer Frechette @thayerfrechette, and Ben Cassil @bencassil.


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35 2016 Commercials Only: Part One
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