31 Eric Clapton: Tamara Federici Is Beefin’ With The Clap


“Eric Clapton makes awesome music, I wish he were my friend.” Wait! Don’t go making insane statements like that without listening to this! This week Tamara Federici (@snowpants) joins the pod to give the real story on what kind of guy Eric Clapton is, and provides a detailed breakdown on his capacity for friendship. Along the way, we go behind the music with an in-depth lyrical analysis of Clapton’s “Cocaine”, debut a track from the musical “Monkey Business”, and “get er done”! That’s not all, Geoff calls out Clapton for his lack of music videos, Ben doesn’t like British bluesman, and Thayer tries to list British things to be funny. Lastly, we cut the cheese when we debut a new segment called “what kind of pizza would x celebrity eat?”. Great title, even better segment. Will the gang try and befriend Clapton or will they leave him on his own to listen to “Cocaine” on repeat? Tune in to find out. Rock and roll baby!

For more from the incredible Tamara, check out her trailer for her upcoming short: https://www.facebook.com/laylagotyouonmymind. Follow her on Twitter @snowpants

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