26 Cosmic Coupling: Elle Eckley Is Not Dating Hard Enough


Hey baby what’s your sign? Don’t know? Sounds like you need a deep-dive into the wondrous world of cosmic coupling. Elle Eckley (@elleeckley) joins us for an intimate Convince Me session, exploring past, present, and future lovers. We discover the boys’ signs: Ben is a “cusper”, Geoff is a glass half-medium Pisces, and Thayer is apparently a corn-fed lesbian. Confused? So were we, but it is an amazing journey you don’t want to miss. Elle’s ex-boyfriend, turned soybean farmer, stops by to discuss their relationship, inspiring Elle to pitch her Zodiac dating TV pilot. Lastly we debut a new segment “Was it Good?”, where we review the happenings about town. Will the the boys find love? Tune in to find out. Don’t forget to rate and review us, follow on Twitter (@ConvinceMePod), or email us with questions/suggestions at convincemepodcast@gmail.com!