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A wide-eyed optimist tries to convince a couple of skeptics to get on board with their distinctive, sometimes downright unusual obsession. But really, it’s just an excuse for silliness, games, and surprise guests. Hosted by Ben Cassil, Thayer Frechette, and Geoff Kaufman.

Comedian Andrew Hansen (@andrewofhansen) contends that T.H. White’s fantasy novel “The Once and Future King” is an inspiring and worthwhile tale compelling enough to make Geoff actually read a book. We discuss everything from the cover art to the temperature of the physical book, leaving no stone un-sworded (sorry). Along the way we  talk about our favorite textbook art, electronic versus physical books, Andrew’s notebook list system, how to use Garageband, Geoff’s love of the sci-fi in Dianetics, and how the Friends cast compare as improvisers. Finally, we introduce the instant classic segment Title Match: Books.

Check out (library pun) Andrew Hansen at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in Los Angeles, where he performs improv every Tuesday with Cardinal Redbird at 11:00 am, and sketch with Sugar at Maude Night. Check out ucbtheatre.com for more details. If you’re from out-of-town, it’s worth the trip!

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24 The Once & Future King: Andrew Hansen Has A Library Card
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