170. Where Have All The Wide Receivers Gone?


Wide Receivers Emergency?

“All they recruit is wide receivers, how are you gonna run the daggum ball with so many receivers”? – Random Husker Fan

Welp, now we better not lose anymore or you’re gonna see Freedom lining up in the slot. That’s the thing about wide receivers, they’re a brittle bunch. Small bones, osteoporosis, etc, etc, etc…

We started out with what seemed like 43 Wide receivers now we are down to 6 not counting Zack Darlington who might explode if he ever gets tackled again. We could really use Keyshawn Johnson Jr, Derrion Grimm, or dare I say it, Jamire Calvin right about now. Luckily, Keith Williams is the best recruiter we have so I have no doubts that he’s gonna get us to the promised land.

What Else Is Up This Week?

On a happier note, Micah Parsons seems to remember us. So we definitely talk about that this episode. As well as Huskers in the NFL (we see you Burkhead), The rise of Tristan Gebbia and how we feel about the season as of right now.

Has “Homer Tweedy” returned, will Pat be able to remember the high school’s of all the new players, will Joe be able to remember anything (because he’s a stoner)? You’ll have to listen to find out!

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Hip Hip Hooray!