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The Big Red Cobcast is an irreverent Nebraska Cornhusker Football podcast hosted by Nebraska bred comedians. It’s the funniest thing to happen for Nebraska since we made Spurrier cry.

Pat janssen is the nerd, Joe Canale is the stoner and Tweedy is the dope ass, cool guy. Well, now you know who we are. So let’s do it to it.

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And most importantly – GBR baby!


    It’s no secret that Tweedy hates baseball but we’ve started a new segment where we let Pat talk about the sports he likes and Tweedy tells him why they are stupid sports. Maybe he convinces Tweedy to like new stuff?  Of course he doesn’t. Tweedy doesn’t like stupid shit. Also we decided to take our popular Husker Truth Tuesday and make it a segment of the podcast. We tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about any Husker related question. No bits. we promise to be honest. Tweet us your #HuskerTruth questions and we’ll answer them on the air. Share your thoughts with us and we’ll talk about it on the air. Let’s be friends, guys. Oh and then we list every town in Nebraska we can think of. Follow us on Twitter: @BigRedCobcast Follow Corn Nation on Twitter: @CornNation Donate to our Patreon: www.Patreon.com/bigredcobcast

    Ep. 158: Husker Truth Saturday and B1G Champs
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