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About The Show

The Big Red Cobcast is an irreverent Nebraska Cornhusker Football podcast hosted by Nebraska bred comedians. It’s the funniest thing to happen for Nebraska since we made Spurrier cry.

Pat janssen is the nerd, Joe Canale is the stoner and Tweedy is the dope ass, cool guy. Well, now you know who we are. So let’s do it to it.

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And most importantly – GBR baby!


    I this week’s episode Tweedy and Pat “The Stat” Janssen talk about the importance of getting a kicker, the similarities and differences between Aaron Hernandez and Lawrence Phillips, why baseball is the worst sport and how no one cares about Michael Jordan’s mom. Also, Tweedy has the best quips.

    Big Red Cobcast Ep. 156: Kicker I Hardly Know Her
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