Big Red Cobcast: Ep. 140: The Ryan “Hoss” Reuter interview


In this episode the guys interview Corn Nation’s Ryan Reuter about the hiring of Bob Diaco as defensive coordinator, the 3-4 scheme and what it means to Nebraska football, as well as recruiting and what he’s looking forward to next season. Discussion includes which players possibly gain or lose chances a playing time as a result of the change, how the changes will affect defensive position coaches like John Parrella, Trent Bray and Donte Williams, and what some of the terms of the 3-4 are and mean. Get his opinion on the status of players like DaiShon Neal, Pernell Jefferson, Avery Roberts, Dedrick Young, Mick Stoltenberg, Carlos Davis, Khalil Davis, Marcus Newby and of course Dicaprio Bootle. Hoss also discusses the current state of the Nebraska offense and what the addition of Tanner Lee, Patrick O’Brien or Tristan Gebbia will mean schematically, as well as what details will change, if any. He also discusses the state of the Nebraska I-back and the value of Nebraskans in recruiting. Jump on board with Hoss!