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About The Show

The Big Red Cobcast is an irreverent Nebraska Cornhusker Football podcast hosted by Nebraska bred comedians. It’s the funniest thing to happen for Nebraska since we made Spurrier cry.

Pat janssen is the nerd, Joe Canale is the stoner and Tweedy is the dope ass, cool guy. Well, now you know who we are. So let’s do it to it.

Please follow us on Twitter (@bigredcobcast) for all of our hot takes, sweet jokes and fan favorites like #WistromWednesday, as well as some analysis and interviews with former stars, coaches and whoever the hell else we feel like talking to.

And most importantly – GBR baby!


    This is definitely gonna be a sensitive episode but that’s how we roll. We talk about the hard stuff. That’s why everyone gets their news from The Big Red Cobcast and not “real” news sources with “actual integrity”  and “a code of ethics that they have to follow”.

    This week someone asked us on Twitter how we feel when companies use the #27 to advertise or they tweet about it or they have memorials that sometimes seem as a way to get fans into their stores. So, we obliged and tried to be honest but also sympathetic as we cover this topic. It’s not an easy one to talk about sometimes.

    We also discussed all the things we’re excited about now that Fall Camp is underway. Diaco’s new defense, Tanner lee, Tyjon Lindsey and the ever impressive DICAPRIO BOOTLE! It’s gonna be a good season Husker fans. Stick with us and we’ll make sure you only get the info that’s important us.

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    168. Sam Foltz, Team Jack and Brook Berringer
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