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The Big Red Cobcast is an irreverent Nebraska Cornhusker Football podcast hosted by Nebraska bred comedians. It’s the funniest thing to happen for Nebraska since we made Spurrier cry.

Pat janssen is the nerd, Joe Canale is the stoner and Tweedy is the dope ass, cool guy. Well, now you know who we are. So let’s do it to it.

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    On this week’s episode Pat, Ryan and Joe talk about Stanley Morgan smoking weed and how much they don’t care.

    Joe admits that he’s high during the taping and  we all agree that college kids are fairly dumb when it comes to cops.

    Then we decide to bring our twitter beefs to the podcast and go full on troll to Iowa fans.

    Iowa fans are barely even people and we discuss that ad nauseum.

    Ryan encourages all of The Big Red Cobcast’s fans to go to war with every other schools fans. This world isn’t big enough for all of us.

    We bring back the Husker Truth segment and talk about the most embarrassing scandal in the program’s history.

    What do you think it is? You can tell us on Twitter. Also, do you have a Husker Truth you wish we’d talk about?

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    Hip Hip Hooray

    159. Stanley Morgan smokes weed and Joe Canale ruins everything
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