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About The Show

Against The Grain is The View with 3 black comedians.​ No topic is too real, no conversation is too controversial, nothing is off topic. Follow us as we debate, sift through the topical BS, keep it light or make it heavy. What you hear is our thoughts, just what we’re feeling at the time!

The crew kicks it off with Edgar revealing he’s a conspiracy theorist and doesn’t believe we landed on the moon. Then we jump into a conversation about standing up for black folks doing the most. After discussing the outrage some had with Deray McKesson, a Black Lives Matter Activist, after he had Katy Perry on his podcast to talk about cultural appropriation, the question is posed if you’re labeled as woke, will those you gave you that label let you make mistakes, and hold you to a different and unfair standard. After all that, we all give our top 5 lists of anything we want to. Edgar talks movies, Jacquis talks TV, and Carl talks music. Then we close out with a segment that was too good to die, Queen of the Week.

Can You Make Mistakes While “Woke”, Our Top 5 of…, Queen of the Week Part 2

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Listen to episode dated 6.13.17: When You Have To Face Yourself