5. Racial Profiling, Food Debate with special guest Phil Augusta Jackson


With special guest Phil Augusta Jackson (FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Key and Peele, UCB Theater), the crew touches on the very serious issue of racial profiling and discrimination after a recent episode writing by Phil on Brooklyn Nine-Nine touching on the same issue. Then Phil asks us to settle a debate he’s had for years, is peanut butter salty or sweet? This turns into a mini food debate pitting foods against each other. All of this after Carl gets out a basketball rant that had him steaming.


Phil Augusta Jackson is an actor, writer, comedian, musician and one cool dude. He has written on shows like Comedy Central’s Key and Peele and currently on FOX’s Brooklyn 99. You can catch him on the stages on UCB Theater doing shows like Tuesday Club and Assscattt, plus many more. Also, check out his latest album, New Palm Tree, on Soundcloud. Find out more on his website: philaugustajackson.com.