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About The Show

Against The Grain is The View with 3 black comedians.‚Äč No topic is too real, no conversation is too controversial, nothing is off topic. Follow us as we debate, sift through the topical BS, keep it light or make it heavy. What you hear is our thoughts, just what we’re feeling at the time!

It’s been a crazy, fun, controversial at times ride going Against the Grain. So in this episode, we pull a few of our favorite segments and moments from the previous 18 episodes. Segments like The Pepsi Commercial, Queens of the Week, our favorite Baseball Walk-up Music, and a few more. We’re behind this mic, and your homies not slowing down anytime soon.

19. The Greatest Hits… So Far

Segment Episodes:

  • Segment 1: The Pepsi Commercial – Episode 1
  • Segment 2: Baseball Walk-up Music – Episode 6
  • Segment 3: Queens of the Week – Episode 9
  • Segment 4: Racial Profiling with Phil Augusta Jackson – Episode 5
  • Segment 5: Black Men Dating White Women – Episode 16
  • Segment 6: Our Lit Parties – Episode 15