16. With Ego Nwodim: Black Men Dating White Women, Sliding into DMs and Asking for Dates


The episode we’ve waited for over 15 episodes, and it doesn’t disappoint. We finally get the guest we have been wanting since episode 1, as we welcome former Queen of the Week, Ego Nwodim (UCB). We talk to her about a topic we’ve been sitting on, black men dating white women and outside of their race. As 3 black men who have and do date white women, we have had this conversation many times and wanted to have it behind the mic with a black woman we respect and she had a lot of great things to say. After that, we chop it up about men sliding into ladies DM’s and why we’re scared to make definitive moves when it comes to dating. The episode we’ve waiting for over 15 episode, it doesn’t disappoint.


Ego Nwodim is an amazing comedian in LA. She has been on multiple TV shows like Disney’s Liv and Maddie, Adam Ruins Everything, and can be caught soon on the mini series, Law and Order True Crime – The Menendez Murders. You can catch her in LA performing at the UCB Theater with her improv team, Rococo, and her sketch team, The New Deal.

Find Ego:

Instagram: @eggyboom

Twitter: @eggy_boom

UCB: ucbcomedy.com/user/45508