15. Tina Fey and Comedy, HBO’s Insecure, Our Lit Parties


The crew welcomes back Edgar to behind the mic and we jump into some of the things he missed last week, including hairstyles and Charlottesville. We then chop it up about the so called Tina Fey controversy and outrage in comedy. Jacquis binged watched Insecure and is now caught up, so we get his thoughts on the series so far and we give our thoughts on the characters and storylines and why Carl has been #Lawerencehive. Finally we give you what would be each one of ours lit parties! We choose what 2 music acts we would have, who is going to cater the party, and what the theme will be!


The Tina Fey Weekend Update Sketch: youtube.com/watch?v=iVvpXZxXWZU