14. Our Black Hairstyles, The Events of Charlottesville with Special Guest Ishmel Sahid


While Edgar takes an episode off to make the people laugh on stage, we invite special guest Ishmel Sahid (UCB, White Women) to chop it up with the crew. We talk about our hairstyles growing up, that covered braids, afros, S-curls, too much grease, and Carl’s current baldness. We then jump into a topic weighing heavy on our minds with the events of Charlottesville and White Supremacy. We get heavy and talk about the issues facing us with our enemies and our allies. We’re back and even though we don’t have our resident white culture black boy behind the mic, we still go Against The Grain.


Ishmel Sahid is a teammate of Carl’s on the comedy team, White Women. He is also a writer and comedian. You can see him on the stages at UCB and you can catch him on Instagram @ishmelproductions.