13. The Hometown Show


It’s the Hometown Show! The crew jumps into the pod interviewing each other about each other’s hometowns and upbringing. Jacquis, from Chicago, IL, talks about his favorite foods, crazy stories growing up in a dangerous neighborhood and everything Chi-town. Then Edgar tells us of growing up in Yonkers, New York, a place where his pops survived a gunshot to the head and his mom moved them from to the border of the country in McAllen, Texas. We end with Carl telling us about living with his family in Pascagoula, Mississippi. We learn of crazy misfortunes in his family’s history and him being moved to his second hometown of Los Angeles without him knowing and the origins of the Carl we all know and love. We learn each others perfect day, and much more.


The places you should go to in each person’s hometown…

  • Jacquis: In ChicagoWrigley Field, the Wrigleyville area and North Ave Beach
  • Carl: In Mississippi – Jamboree in Moss Point, MS. In Los AngelesTaste of Soul Festival every fall on Crenshaw, The Annual African Marketplace every summer and Fox Hills Mall.