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Against The Grain is The View with 3 black comedians.​ No topic is too real, no conversation is too controversial, nothing is off topic. Follow us as we debate, sift through the topical BS, keep it light or make it heavy. What you hear is our thoughts, just what we’re feeling at the time!

Jacquis and Carl realize they may actually be related through old Mississippi family ties, then the crew talks about their top 5 hip hop artists of all time and it may surprise you. Then, we do a segment called 'How Jesus Touched Me' that turns into us singing our favorite gospel songs from artists like Kirk Franklin and more....
In this first episode, we talk about whether Russell Westbrook is deserving of the 2016-17 NBA MVP award. Then Edgar and Jacquis debate whether comedy is timeless, as Carl moderates and gives a history lesson about Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live. Then we all give our surprising take on the fallout from the Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial....