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Show Description

25 Minutes of Silence is a podcast where Joey Clift and a new guest each week sit in silence for 25 minutes.

Ken Bone’s life changed on October 9, 2016 after asking Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump a question about energy policy during the second presidential debate. His bright red sweater, glasses, disposable camera and genuine demeanor skyrocketed him to “internet meme” status within hours. The internet obsession with Ken Bone lead to endorsement deals, merchandise, and guest spots on some of the nation’s most prestigious talk shows. Through all of that, Ken has maintained being the same “normal guy” that just wanted to ask a question. Before recording this episode, Ken and I talked about his rise to stardom, the internet’s tendency to obsess over the weirdest things, and how “it’s possible for anyone to get used to anything.” During the episode, we just sat in silence for 25 minutes. Ken used that time to reply to letters from fans.

25. Ken Bone