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25 Minutes of Silence is a podcast where Joey Clift and a new guest each week sit in silence for 25 minutes.

Marques Ray is an actor and comedian who has performed stand up on Conan on TBS as well as Montreal’s Just for Laugh’s Comedy Festival. You may also know him from Fox’s sketch comedy series Party Over Here or as Juan Julio in the ABC series Dr. Ken among other places. Marques’ subtle character choices are nothing short of genius and he is easily one of the funniest performers I know. He would be a great person to talk to about audition advice, career longevity in the entertainment industry, and what it takes to create a truly unique comedic persona. Instead of discussing any of those things, we sat in silence for 25 minutes. Marques used that time to quietly show me funny pictures on the internet.
20. Marques Ray
Marques Ray’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/marquesray
Marques on Conan – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrdHyAP79qg

A Barbie doll being crushed with a hydraulic press – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaBxQPgQwrM