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25 Minutes of Silence is a podcast where Joey Clift and a new guest each week sit in silence for 25 minutes.

Founded by Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden, The Devastator Press is the only all-comedy book publisher in America. Amanda and Geoffrey created “The Devastator” in 2010 as a means to promote comedy books and writers that they love. Since then, their books have been reviewed by Publishers Weekly, Wired, The A.V. Club, Bleeding Cool and ComicsAlliance among other places. If you’re looking to create literary comedy, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgable and passionate than Amanda and Geoffrey. Instead of talking about their growing comedy book empire, Amanda’s new book “We Don’t Think You’re Racist!” or Geoffrey’s “Dream It! Screw It!” we just sat in silence for 25 minutes. They took that time to read while I drank a coconut LaCroix.

11. The Devastator Press (Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden)
The Devastator Press – http://devastatorpress.com/
Amanda Meadows’ Twitter – https://twitter.com/amandonium
Geoffrey Golden’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/geoffreygolden

Dream It! Screw It! – https://www.amazon.com/dp/1942099126/ref=cm_sw_su_dp

We Don’t Think You’re Racist – https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Think-Youre-Racist-Affirmations/dp/194209907X

Virtual Campfire with Crackling Fire Sounds – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz7wtTO7roQ